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"Monsieur Singh is exactly what I would make at home - simple ingredients, no added sugar and so delicious!!! Ever since I discovered Monsieur Singh, I've stopped making my own smoothies at home. I keep my fridge stocked with this Mango Lassi, saving lots of time and energy."

- Emilia Brandt, New York

"Finally a Lassi with the real taste of Alphonso Mangoes. The thick, creamy texture with the distinct alphonso mango taste is heavenly. Very high quality."

- Ronit Mehta, Jersey City

"Monsieur Singh is unlike any other yogurt. I have been a regular buyer of Chobani, Siggi's and Stonyfield. When it comes to taste and quality, none of them even come close to this Mango Lassi. You have to try it!"

- Elena Addison, Philadelphia

"The most delicious yogurt!!! Smooth, creamy and light on calories. It is refreshing and very satisfying after a strenuous workout as no added sugar means I'm not wasting my workout. It is full of real fruit which really helps with recovery. Don't think I'll be returning to other yogurts!"

- Carol Rybicki, Manhattan

"I found Monsieur Singh on fresh direct. They got my attention because they don’t add any sugar. Thought it’ll be great for my kids. The amazing taste of mango is simply out of this world. So addictive. My kids are huge fans!"

- Guddu Narang, Brooklyn

"Delicious, divine, aromatic is how I would describe Monsieur Singh. My wife enjoys mango yogurt and craves mango lassi. But she finds the lassi in restaurants a bit too sweet. When I saw Monsieur Singh does not add any sugar, I had to get one for her. Both of us loved it. Now it’s always on our shopping list."

- John Miller, Connecticut

"I love fruit yogurts and I have them with every meal. The problem is the added sugar in supermarket yogurts. I tried making at home but it's a lot of time and effort. So, when I came across Monsieur Singh Lassi, it was perfect. Lots of real fruit, no added sugar. I can enjoy guilt-free."

- Josh Lyods, Queens

"Monsieur Singh has changed how I think about yogurt. They don't put any gums, thickeners or added flavors. Just the real ingredients. I no longer buy Chobani."

- Grace Madison, Westchester

"Best Lassi I’ve ever had in a bottle. Just as good as any freshly made lassi at a restaurant. It’s delicious!!! Thank you so much for not adding any sugar. Extra points for working with Ronnybrook farm."

- Riddhi Agarwal, Edison

"Bananas and Chobani used to be my on the go breakfast everyday. It always bothered me that Chobani is full of gums and added sugar. Not sure why they need to have so many ingredients to make a fruit yogurt. With Monsieur Singh, I realized what a real quality yogurt is all about. And it is so much more delicious!"

- Alex Logan, NYC

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