Your wait for a lip-smacking yogurt drink with No Added Sugar is finally over! Made with just two ingredients (60% Mango, 40% yogurt), our Lassi is loaded with the world's most delicious Mango — Alphonso Mango. So, there's no need for any sugar or sweeteners. And best of all, we lovingly make this Lassi at New York's favorite dairy, Ronnybrook. Using Grade A milk from grass-fed happy cows, we prepare Indian style yogurt and then blend it with Alphonso Mango, all at the Ronnybrook farm.




-Minimum order 8 Lassis (not including delivery fee).

-​$4.99 delivery fee.
-Same day delivery if slots are open.

​-Next day delivery if we can't do same day.

​-Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens delivery only.

​-Sorry, no refunds as Lassi is a perishable item.




Mango Lassi (8oz)



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