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What's so special about Monsieur Singh ?


The simplest things are the best things.

That's why we created this really simple drink with just 2 ingredients: Mango and Yogurt. Nothing else at all. No added sugar or any other sweetener.

Loaded with Alphonso Mango, the most delicious Mango in the world, our Lassi is very very tasty :)

And best of all, we lovingly make this Lassi at New York's favorite dairy farm, Ronnybrook.
Using Grade A milk from grass-fed happy cows, we prepare Indian style yogurt and then blend it with Alphonso Mango, all at the Ronnybrook farm.

Hope you enjoy.

Monsieur Singh

Monsieur Singh Lassi Come Home.jpg
Monsieur Singh Lassi just 2 ingredients_

There's nearly one whole Mango
and half cup of yogurt in every bottle.

That's a lot of goodness and tastiness


We only use Alphonso Mango, 
the world's most delicious Mango. 

Monsieur Singh Lassi no sugar added_crop

Loaded with tasty Alphonso Mango.

No need for any sugar or sweeteners.

Monsieur Singh Lassi made on a farm_crop

Lovingly made at New York's favorite
dairy farm, Ronnybrook. 


We use farm fresh yogurt made from
the milk of happy, grass-fed cows.


100% Natural


Low fat
Gluten free
Grass-fed milk
No preservatives

Lassi Come Home

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