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$3.99 each

Mango Lassi (8oz)

Minimum order 8 Lassis

About our Mango Lassi

A very very tasty yogurt drink with no added sugar.

Made with just two ingredients (60% Mango, 40% yogurt), our Mango Lassi is loaded with the world's most delicious Mango — Alphonso Mango. So, there's no need for any sugar or sweeteners.


And best of all, we lovingly make this Lassi at New York's favorite dairy, Ronnybrook. Using Grade A milk from grass-fed, happy cows, we prepare Indian style yogurt and then blend it with Alphonso Mango, all at the Ronnybrook farm. 


With nearly one whole mango and half cup of yogurt in every bottle, this Mango Lassi has both goodness and tastiness without any added sugar.

please see delivery information below

Delivery Information

Minimum order 8 Lassis
(not including delivery fee)

$4.99 delivery fee.

Same day delivery if slots are open.

Next day delivery if we can't deliver same day.

Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens delivery only.

Delivery Information

From the moment we get your order, it is our mission to get the Lassi to you as quickly as possible.

Since we depend on third parties to make the deliveries, sometimes there may be delays. For example if our delivery partners are stretched thin due to too many deliveries or the Lassi is sold out.

If that happens, apologies in advance :)

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