The story of Monsieur Singh

A legendary Lassi shop

The city of Kapurthala in Punjab, India has a legendary Lassi shop Gian Di Lassi. They make the most amazing Mango Lassi ever. Our Lassi is made with the same authenticity: simple, delicious, no added sugar.

The Paris of Punjab

With French style palaces and gardens, Kapurthala is nicknamed the 'Paris of Punjab'. The name Monsieur Singh came out of this unique fusion. 'Monsieur' from Paris and 'Singh' is a popular last name in Punjab.

Crafted in a home kitchen

Hello, we are 'The Singhs'. We made this Lassi because it is delicious and nutritious. When we first whipped it in our kitchen and taste tested with lots of kids and adults, EVERYBODY LOVED IT! So, we had to bring Monsieur Singh to the world :)

Made on a farm that loves its cows

We started looking for a production partner who will make the Lassi with the same love and affection as we did in our kitchen. Our search led us to Ronnybrook Dairy Farm. Not only do they make the highest quality products, they are really nice people. The Ronnybrook team treats their cows in a very humane way, taking care of them just like family. 

Lassi Come Home

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